We have created a perfect solution for ladies who value complex treatments. A ritual which offers it all, including:
      • Body cleansing and relaxation (massage with a peel)
        Act I includes cleansing the body of excessive epidermis. Followed by a relaxing massage with warm oil for soothing relaxation that also hydrates the skin.
      • Complex facial treatment with a massage
        This stage consists of cleansing, peeling, serum application stages. Followed by a face, neck and neckline massage, mask application, finished with a carefully selected face cream.
      • Classical pedicure with nail polish application
        Relaxing feet bath, toe nail and skin care, removal of hard skin cells using a professional milling machine. The treatment is completed with a toe nail polish application using classical or hybrid nail polish.
      • Manicure SPA with conditioner application
        Professional manicure including nail filing, skin removal with a miling machine, nail plate polishing and rejuvenation. All followed by a rejuvenating hand mask.
      • Cosmetic consultation
      • Relaxation moment with a cup of green tea

Total treatment time: 250 min

Package price : 560 zł

Tel: +48 63 270 87 15, ul. Toruńska 27, 62-563 Licheń Stary.