Balneotherapy is a treatment method which involves therapeutic water, peloids (e.g. moor peat) and gaseous water and air components. The therapy works perfectly well in case of muscle tension, is relieving and relaxing. It is recommended to address overweight and as a cure to remove toxins from the body. We offer the following treatments:

Moor peat bath/compress

Moor peat is a natural peloid, formed in natural geological processes. Once fragmented and mixed with water, it can be used for therapeutic purposes to address periarticular inflammations and pain syndromes in degenerative spinal disorders. Moreover, it is widely used in beauty treatments thanks to its ability to improve body firmness and to smooth wrinkles.

mud pack
Brine bath

Brine bath is based on the irritating action of salt on the skin. Salt penetrates into epithelium and sweat gland outlets. Moreover, the treatment softens and mollifies epithelium. Brine bath is used to treat chronic joint inflammations, neuroses, insomnia and neuralgia.

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